Marks & Spencer’s Greener Living Spaces Legacy Programme

Supporting the Woodend Project


Over the last 4 years, through the carrier bag charging scheme, Marks & Spencer has been supporting the Greener Living Spaces programme, which has seen the creation of over 100 green space projects across the UK.  This programme came to an end in May 2011; however, with the remaining funding that has been generated throughout the programme, Groundwork is delivering a final year of the programme that focuses on engaging communities with their local green spaces.

As the programme aims to help and encourage more people to take action and get involved in using and caring for their local green space Groundwork SW submitted an application to support the  Woodend Project which was successful.

The programme does not come with any capital funding but does offer up to 16 days of Co coordinators support and a small amount of funding to contribute towards materials/event costs etc.

So far the initiative has supported with the following activities;

Tree planting days

Each 4 hour day consisted of instructing young people on how to plant trees and actually planting the whips on the day. In total, 140 whips were planted by 25 young people who were instructed by scout leaders and community members

Pallet Mania workshop;  dissembling and fabrication of wood pallets - delivered on over 2 days on 2nd and 12th April 2012 – construction of chicken run  and preparation of wood for further fabrication in the future.  These workshops were attended by 50 young people and supported by 9 adult volunteers. 

More events are planned soon


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