To create a thriving, popular, outdoor leisure and learning centre for now and future generations that is owned and run by local people for the local community.


  • To provide a world class facility for young people, children and adults

  • To bring all sections and generations of the community together

  • To make people proud of their achievement

  • To give young people something positive and fun to do that will help increase their health, well being and skills

  • To provide an excellent example of a ‘carbon light’ ‘low environmental impact’ perhaps may also address sustainability wider than carbon, sustainable facility

  • To build on the natural environment already on site

  • To improve Watcombe’s reputation and put it on the map as a good place to be

  • To provide high standard play facilities that are safe

  • To reduce anti-social behavior in the neighbourhood

  • To provide an experiential educational resource in the field of environment and sustainability

  • To produce healthy and affordable food for the local community

  • To occupy young people?

Woodend is set in 4 acres of woodland, it will be accessible by all ages from 0 to 150 years. There will be adventure play areas, Horticulture, Educational centers, arts and craft, youth cafe and much more. Many people will benefit from the project. It is not just for the local people, everyone is welcome.

Currently the committee consist of housing associations, community partnership and other individuals, local residents volunteering their time.It is set in the turning area of Mincent hill, Watcombe, Torquay. The committee are all volunteers working to produce this exciting new adventure.

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